Wednesday, February 13, 2008

SQL Server 2008 - IntelliSense

Since the release of SQL 2008 , i have been attending webcasts , usergroup meeting and Microsoft virtual lab courses blah.., blah... to get acquaintance with the product . Its really nice to hear that many features pending for long time is addressed in this version. There are many new feature even if it looks small make the programmer life very easy.

You can get the list of new features from Microsoft site. Check white paper

But, here what I am intended to do is, try my self first and then pen down my understanding and comment about the feature. I planned to start from simple feature and here I go…

The first thing one observe when open a Query Analyser in SQL Server 2008 is IntelliSense. Though I am not used to Intellisense, but I have seen many folks are very found of these kind of feature and uses third party tools in earlier SQL versions. This is of course a nice feature. But there are few discrepancy with BOL and the functionality available in Management Studio. Few setting like Parameter Info is not currently available. I may be wrong, if not I hope RTM version will address this. You can have line number kind of options available in QA itself. Just you need to switch on that feature from Tools à Options. This of course demand more tweaking and its worth to do also.

I think there is some issues. I tested the following script

create table test(col int,col1 int)
If i type select *from dbo. I should get the objects in DBO schema and current i am not getting this. It may be a bug.


Vijaya Kadiyala said...

This is VJ and i like your blog on posting new things on SQL Server 2008.
Is this the only blog that you have or its one of kind?
Thanks -- Vj

thahseen said...

Very good posts.

just another guy from "God's own country" :-)